Tent Accessories

Stakes with large head


400% larger striking surface than normal stake.

40″ $10.95 ea & 48″ $11.95 ea

*As available

Galvanized wall poles
 WALLPOLESHigh tensile galvanized steel wall poles.  7.5′ $20.00 ea;  10′ $28.00 ea.

 Beautiful gloss white polyester powder coated wall  poles 7.5′ $24.00 ea & 10′ $32.00 ea.

Trucker’s ratchet

RATCHETSIf you like this item the way we do, you may want to use all ratchets, rather than staking ropes, to dramatically reduce set up time. 7’6″ & 10′ eave 3,000 lbs $14.00 ea 7’6″ & 10′ eave 10,000 lbs. $22.00 ea

Stake puller

STAKEPULLERThis is the finest stake puller we’ve seen, and the lowest cost of its type. It pulls 3-4 inches at a time with leverage of 12 to 1. You’ll like it $139.00 ea

Triple stake device


This unit allows 2 or 3 stakes to pull as one. Perfect for the ends of a long tent, where you have a 13,000 lb. seam to pull your long tent taut and straight $14.50 ea

Tent Scrubbertent-cleaning1 Tent scrubbers are $14.00 ea.Pole is not included.

Sled for Mast PoleMASTPOLESLED is a helpful tool when erecting your tent with a small crew (38′ to 154′ wide tents) $136.00 ea

Vinyl GlueGLUE 8 oz. cans, shelf life, 2 years (clear for patching) $11.50 each vinyl glue for filling small hole (available in red, yellow, blue & white) $15.95 ea

Pole Lifter MASTPOLELIFTERA tremendous device to lift your galvanized center pole(s) into position $118.00 ea

Sledge HammersSLEDGEHAMMERS 16 and 20 lb. Sledges are almost impossible to find. We buy in bulk $49.00 ea & $53.00 ea

Wall Pole Covers WALLPOLECOVER3White plastic slip cover, just .09¢ per foot (Provides beauty & protection)


 Clear sidewallWindows 40″ wide x 54″ high $32.00 ea